DRAW-VELING is a work in progress project, a hybrid platform between a standard blog and a website where people can spend time. The backbone of it is the Art of Drawing combined with the Joy of Traveling.

BLOG: here you can find my regular posts where I try to mix my drawing skills with my ability to tell a story taking inspiration from on of my trips.

If you wonder what’s the topic, there is not a specific one: FOOD FOR THOUGHT is served here !!!

BLOG ITA: my weekly stories written in my mother tongue (Italian).

STREET ART: pictures that I have taken all around the world (only my photos and nothing from the internet).This is my way to pay tribute to a movement that has turned degraded places into open air art gallery – giving the middle finger to rules.

VLOG (coming soon): Art is the ultimate self expression of the individual, in any way or form that suits the person. Self expression is Freedom, it should not be limited or put in any box. Here I’ll be posting videos from my YouTube channel “Francesco Expresso”: stories and talks around art and self expression.

This is also an open invitation to “all”. Anyone, regardless of their talent or field can be featured, just get in touch.

FRANCESCO, 32 years of age, graduated in Hospitality & Management. His creative side resurfaced after 10 years of forgetting about it.