Where to begin …

I have decided to begin my blog with my personal beginning. 
This pencil drawing of a simple landscape was inspired by a picture taken during Easter 2018. It is a picture of a small house up in the mountains, above the little village where I was born, in 1986. 
I left home in 2005 and moved to Perugia to pursue the dream of a better life by obtaining a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. At that time, I knew very little about the world, but I was sure that there was something more for me on the horizon. But I knew, like any other journey in our lives, the road would not be “straight forward”. It would bend left and right, up and down before reaching the destination. 
During my time in Perugia I fell in love with a book called “Fango”. It explained how salamanders have this innate intuition or navigation system that allows them to find their den in the mountains easily and precisely, even if they were put on the other side of the mountain. The main character of the story did not have that skill, he was always getting lost whilst trying to get home after a night out. I felt like I could relate as it was happening a lot to me. 
During the course of my life, there were many times where I felt lost and did not understand my purpose. Looking back, now I can say it is true, sometimes you have to lose yourself to find your path. Amidst the wondering around, you might find yourself on the dark side of that mountain that you are trying to climb. It is important that in those moments, you don’t feel deflated because there is not a single mountain that cannot be ascended, and when you reach the top, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the view. Oddly enough, I find reassurance and comfort in knowing that each night always brings the promise of a new day. 
It is also true that there are many human beings that have a tendency to deliberately drag their souls into darkness. The danger with that is you can find pleasure whilst floating in the dark. Alcohol and drugs can provide instant happiness and a temporary fix. But they are just mere illusions. Our demons find homes in the darkness of our souls and feed themselves on our fears. We spend our entire lives running away from ourselves. Yet, we try our best to show the world that we are fearless as we live in a society that wants us emotionless. I have come to realize that fears and emotions are actually what makes us human, so we should not feel ashamed of being scared or emotional. But yes, some people do need to find themselves in the darkest corners of their soul to truly understand what they are made of. It is only by facing our strongest demons and deepest fears can we experience true freedom in living our lives. 
So I end this by saying, do not let anyone tell you which road to follow, what mountain you can or cannot climb and how to do it. Aim for the top and don’t focus on the destination but enjoy the journey because that’s what makes the difference.

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