Your heart overcome any language barrier

Barking, meowing, howling, screeching, whinnying … speaking

Can an Australian Shepherd communicate to a German Shepherd? 

Yes, virtually all dogs can understand the barks of other dogs, regardless of where they come from. 

 Humans have managed to complicate even the ability of communicating between us.  

There are roughly 6500 spoken languages in the world today. 

Having said that, of course the language is a barrier.  

Once when I was working in Greece, I was approached by a lady and I said straight away “Sorry, I’m Italian”. 

 It ended up that she was from northern Italy (Veneto region) but the whole time I had to tell her to slow down because I could not understand what she was saying. 

Another funny story happened in Egypt.  

I was working as a Holiday Rep, it was “departure day” and I had two groups leaving at different times.  

Because of some tension that I had with one of the clients from the small group, I asked to one of the entertainers (Italian) to take charge of their transfer to the airport. 

Long story short: when I went to the car parking, surprise surprise, the entertainer with 10 tourists boarded a bus of 55 whilst I had 52 clients waiting in the resort and a bus with 14 seats! 

 In complete desperation I tried to talk to the driver who didn’t speak a word of English, French or Italian. 

 I then put in use all my body language miming the action of driving asking if he knew who the driver of the big bus was, I failed.

It all ended well though, all the clients boarded their flight as I boarded more then half group on another bus coming from another resort.

The second time I went to Morocco, when we arrived in the beautiful Essaouira, one of my friends got sick.  

The doctor prescribed him some meds and gave us the address of the pharmacy open at that time.  

It was a bit far and on the outskirts of the village but we decided to walk. Once we got there it was closed.  

There was a paper on the door and of course it was written in Arabic.  

Among the few people that were on the streets, none of them could speak any other language other than Arabic.  

We felt defeated and in our heads our friend was destined to die although it was only a stomach infection.  

Suddenly, a man pointed his car towards us, so we kind of understood that they were offering us help.  

Despite the fact that we didn’t really know what was happening, we jumped into the car. We were taken to another pharmacy that was open and then he brought us back to the Riad.  

Moroccans are famous for trying to sell you something all the time, our beliefs were proven to be wrong as that man/angel did not want anything from us. 

The above experiences and many others have shown me that the worst barrier is the one that we virtually put between ourselves.

With the same open Heart I have tried to connect with any Ethnicity That I have come across.

I have been in many situations where I did not speak the local language but my heart and my pure intentions helped me to overcome any situation I had to face.

8 thoughts on “Your heart overcome any language barrier

  1. Very funny!!!
    It is current really šŸ™‚
    I will remember to read again, sometimes. šŸ™‚
    Thank you mate


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