The love and the care given makes you eternal … not your bank statement

The love and the care given makes you eternal … not your bank statement  
 With today’s illustration (pencil + ink pens) I wanted to represent the madness of accumulating wealth although you cannot take it with you once you are dead (the coffin). In contrast with that the shadow and some examples of taking care of someone else.  
 The ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife would be perfect. When they entered the afterlife, they wanted to take treasures from their life with them, and small amulets to keep them safe. 
 Howard Carter discovered in 1922 Tutankhamun’s tomb, in the Valley King. Despite the fact that as Pharaoh he was not the greatest, what made him famous and well known is the wealth that was found in his grave. His mask exposed in the Egyptian museum in Cairo, it’s breathtaking. Egypt is a place that managed to give me goosebumps for what I have seen. I still remember when I entered the room with the mask, it was really hypnotizing  and I stared at it for some time. 
 Tutankhamun’s ruled between 1332 – 1323 BC. This was many many years ago but the obsession of accumulating wealth has not stopped. Many people still worship Money as if it’s a God and not a mean to live (not life itself). 
Death it’s part of the deal that we sign when we come into this world, yet we tend to forget that this will happen sooner or later to us too. Loosing someone close to us it’s hard, grieving it’s not an easy task. When someone is not in our life  any longer, the place that they used to have will always be empty. 
“I don’t know where people goes after dying, I know where they stay”. 
Quote from the movie “Don’t move” – released 18/03/2005 – Director: Sergio Castellito , story Margaret Mazzantini.
The concept expressed in the movie, in addition to the view upon death from a Buddhist point of view, it has helped me to learn how to grieve.
Let me try to explain what I have learnt about the Buddhist point view upon Death. We are energy. Let’s think about the vibes that we emanate to each other. There are people that you love at first sight and others that you can’t stand just for the way the move or talk. We all emanate positive and negative energy depending on our mood and our tendency on how we approach life in general. Think also about days when you feel high energy or days when you are really low in energy. We keep this energy with us, once we die, this energy leaves our human body and goes back to the universe  and stays there. Without going into detail about what happens after that this will help me linking it to the above quote. 
 I know where they stay
After death our  energy as per the Buddhist’s conception stays in the universe and we can find it with, and in, our heart and in our memories
Those we have loved, with all our self, will always have their place in our earth. People will remember what we have done and what we have given, so through doing good actions and taking care of others we will live forever, whenever someone remembers us. Love makes us eternal. So instead of being constantly worried about our bank statement we should never forget to love and to care about others.

10 thoughts on “The love and the care given makes you eternal … not your bank statement

  1. Il tempo, secondo me, sarà insegnante… mostrerà come avremo poco tempo per amare e poco tempo per sperperare il conto in banca…. In pratica come abbiamo perso il nostro tempo.
    Ciao Frà


    1. Chri- concordo a pieno il tempo é il più grande dei maestri (no spoiler – ma ci sarà a breve un post sul tempo )


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