Worst or Best Scenario (?) an anxious battle

With this drawing I wanted to sketch out how our minds fantasise about possible scenarios following an unforeseen event.

I found inspiration for this illustration after reading the book: “The anxiety Toolkit: Strategies for managing your anxiety so you can get on with your life” written by Dr Alice Boyes.

Anxiety as such, can manifest in different ways and layers.

The downside of it is that it can have a massive impact on your mental health and in your life.

Anxiety can be a real struggle.

The first step in managing it like any other problem, is admitting it. Then you must be ready to face it and ask for help if needed.

Because it can manifest in many different ways, there are also many different techniques when it comes to tackling anxiety.

In my case, I wanted to read more about it just to deepen my knowledge around it and also to become more aware of my reactions.

It was very interesting to see that anxious prone people have a tendency to catastrophise, make a situation worse than what it actually is.

This is probably my main defect that makes me identify as an anxious person

As soon as something out of the ordinary happens, my head straightaway turns into a film director/movie camera. I

start orchestrating all possible bad scenarios that can happen. I can’t even remember how many times I have thought I would end up homeless, in hospital or in jail.

Just to give you an example of how it works:

Last year I injured myself whilst I was washing up a glass and I managed to sever the tendon of my right thumb.

I had to go through a day surgery and afterwards physiotherapy.

Before I even got to speak with my line manager, in my head these were the scenarios that played out:

First I was not going to be able to use my hand fully ever again, I read somewhere that the thumb is responsible for the 90% of the hand movements.

Secondly, I believed I was going to get fired at work because of my new “physical condition” that would have made it impossible for me to carry out many of the manual duties.

Ultimately, I thought I would have ended up sleeping on the streets because I thought I would never get a job again.

In reality what happened was that I had a domestic injury. With a small plastic surgery, doctors were able to re-attach the tendon and through physiotherapy I was able to regain up to 99% control of my thumb. Injuries can happen to anyone and it does not mean that you are a bad employee.

By reading the book that I have mentioned above, I have learnt that once you are trapped in this kind of thinking, you need to counter balance it with the opposite kinds of thoughts, for example, “what can be the best that can happen out of that event?”

I wish it was possible to purchase a crystal sphere to predict the future, however that’s not possible.

But what I can do instead is change my way of thinking, change my mindset. I’m doing it to improve my daily life and I’m actually enjoying it because it pushes me to dream about other possibilities that I never would have thought of before. It’s helping me to see life with a set of different lens, through a new perspective.  

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