Until the boat is going, let it go

The above ink pens drawing was done as an outdoor exercise in Little Venice which is in Paddington, London. It’s where I had my last job as a Londoner. 

The funny thing is that I am Italian and I have never been to Venice. People normally are shocked when I say this. I can only say that it’s definitely on my bucket list.

“Until the boat goes, let it go” is a line from Orietta Berti’s song ‘Finché la barca va’ that came out in 1970.

I am writing this post from the city where I have been living for the last 6 and a half years. After a long and internal battle, 4 months ago, I have finally understood that the time to let the boat go has arrived for me.

Funnily enough though, prior to my arrival in the UK, I was in Egypt working on a Nile cruise, so I was living on a boat.

In Aswan, one of the excursions I took was on a “Felucca” (a traditional Egyptian wooden boat). The peculiarity of this transport is that if there is no wind it won’t move.

So the allegory that I am trying to use here is that when it’s time, as the song says, we should let it go.

The dock where you park the boat for some time, it becomes your safe place. Choosing to sail again can be scary. 

As usual, when making a decision, the fear of what you will face and the uncertainty around it can haunt you. 

Making a decision means taking action.

I am one of those who throws himself into new adventures. 

A good sailor knows when it’s time to leave the port by looking at the sky. Although the weather can be unpredictable, he is ready for anything to bring the boat to the shore again.

Like the sailor, we need to trust our gut and make the move when we feel that the moment has arrived.

London is like a Jungle (see my blog post “Run, Run outrun”). 

To put it into ‘sea’ terms, it’s an ocean. 

Once you swim there, you are ready to go anywhere.

The decision to move out was made when I decided to start this blog, more than 4 months ago.

This time feels different, (see my blog post “Home is where your heart is”) compared to the other times I have hit the road.

Previously it felt like running away, this time around it feels more like I’m walking towards something.

All my decisions have always been based upon fears. 

Not this time. 

Now I want to put myself out there to the universe again and see what it has to offer.

More will be revealed.

Challenging ourselves and our environment means pushing our limits. At times you might feel like being on the edge of your spirit, but if you remind yourself that challenges are made to be overcome, then all will be well.

I end this by quoting again from the book “Breaking the habit of being yourself” by Joe Dispenza:

“You should dream bigger than your being”.

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