Ego, Character and Personality: when the dots are not joined

Today’s drawing is a snapshot of the childhood, the period in life where we thought we were only playing but actually we were learning our most and at our fastest rate.

During college, when I was studying Italian Literature, I remember learning about the poet Giosuè  Carducci (1835 -1907). 

In his writing, he mentions quite often about infants and kids.  

He believed that in our adulthood we carry an inner child inside us which screams to be heard.  

Back then I thought “what a weirdo, what a wanker”.  

Although the idea annoyed me, I never forgot about it.  

Later on I had to review my beliefs and admit that actually we should always stay connected with our inner child.  

For many years I have lost contact with it, I have lost most of my childhood memories, also partly due to a traumatic incident that happened at the age of 18.  

Not long ago, I was asked to write a life story starting from age 0 to 10, focusing on how I felt like back then.  

It’s unbelievable to see how much we can actually relate to the little kid that we have forgotten.  

Most of our fears, insecurities and behaviours originate from our childhood. 

During those years we start wiring our brains so that it releases certain chemicals that we memorise as feelings and emotions.  

We also begin to outline our character and our personalities, and with it we start to build up our ego (the kid in the image is pumping up a balloon that says Ego).  

Our character and our personality is completed around the age of 30 and after that it becomes very difficult to change them, unless we are ready to work on it on a daily basis. 

Our ego can be strong, same as our personality, but that doesn’t mean that we are strong on the inside.  

We inflate them to cover up our weaknesses but like a balloon they can be easily deflated.  

Most of us believe and have said many times “this is who I am”.  

I have believed this for many years but not anymore.  

If we want to change our lives we have to first change our selves. 

To do so we have to change the way we think and the way we feel about our selves and life in general.  

This is the process of rewiring our brains and this is how we can interact with our past. 

Although you can’t change what has happened, you can change the way you react and feel about it.  

I still rely on my Ego and Personality at times but I am aware now that change is possible and that we can be the person we have always dreamed to be. 

I love the quote:


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