Orderly Chaos

Today I have decided to use a picture of my diary instead of one of my drawings (still my style anyway). 

The intention is to show what it means to live in an Orderly Chaos. 

It’s a little bit like wanting to explain “normal”: 

What is it? How can you define it? 

What might be normal for some might be abnormal for someone else. 

Same goes for chaos. What can look chaotic for you might be absolutely in order for me. 

Talking about my diary, one day at work, my “Editor” (the person who is helping me to check for spelling mistakes) saw it and asked me how do I manage to get through it. 

Having a diary for me is already a sign of managing my day, that’s the main purpose of having one anyway. 

For me, the above example of a diary is perfectly understandable. 

Same goes for bedrooms, desk drawers, bags and anything else. 

Some people can think “what a mess” but for the person using it or living in it, it’s actually what I call an “Orderly Chaos”. 

Using now as an example my bedroom, even when it’s a complete mess I can still find everything at any time (except for the house keys and smaller objects). 

When I was a teenager and I could not find something in my bedroom, I used to blame the elves or the goblins for hiding my stuff. 

In reality, sometimes it was my mother who moved things around and other times I just could not remember where I had left them. 

I believe however that these things, like a diary, a bedroom or a bag have is a reflection of our minds. 

Anyway, some people enjoy the chaos some others prefer the order. It all depends on personalities and preferences. 

As always, the key is finding a middle ground. 

It all starts from a clear mind.  

There are days where it’s easy to keep everything tidy and other days you just can’t be bothered to do it. 

What about music, some people love classical music, some others love rock & roll, metal or techno. 

I have heard many people say that electronic music should not be considered as a genre at all. 

Again, who can define “Music”? 

I see the magic of creations in any case, whether it’s a piano, a guitar or a DJ deck. 

Anyway, just to wrap it up, as a chaotic person, I try to make order in my mind and in my outer space as much as possible to avoid running around like a headless chicken looking for something. 

An orderly person at the same time can learn from a chaotic person that it’s OK to let go of the obsession of having everything in order and enjoy the space a bit more. 

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