Backpack or Trolley? What’s your traveling style?

Someone who’s been reading my blog, has suggested to slightly change the format of my posts in a way that who’s reading is more involved.

First and foremost, thanks Giò, if you are reading this you know that I’m talking about you and that I have really taken in consideration your feedbacks.

Second, what am I going to change in order to make it more interactive?

Here we go …

Instead of only me giving my point of view, I will also ask questions inviting readers to share their thoughts, experience and point of view in the comment section.

Let’s get the party started then !!!

-Question number one:

Do you prefer traveling with a backpack or a trolley?

My answer is Backpack, although they can be more tiring compared to trolleys, I find them more comfortable if you are traveling in “Adventure Mode” (where nothing is planned) so lots of different transport and a lot of walking.

I also think that trolleys are really annoying because they take way too much space on a walkway, almost the same space as if two people are walking side by side.

Last but not least, on a personal note, Backpacks are now days the icon and symbol of the “traveller”. The so called “Backpackers” generation, quite frankly never heard of “Trolleyers” or anything like that.

Question number two:

                Do you plan everything, or do you go with the flow?

My answer is that generally speaking I don’t like planning too much because it takes away the joy of discovering. Over planning can also lead to building up in our mind too many expectations and eventually disappointments. Therefore the less you know the better.

Going with the flow, it can also be a risky business if you have limited time you might end up wasting time that you could have spent to reach your destination.

What’s my style then?

My way of traveling is a middle ground between the two. I usually make a list of places that I would love to see and how you can get there. Once I am on site I follow the flow, leaving room for recommendation.

I am also one of those who’s not up to see everything that there is to see, I value more human’s interaction therefore sometimes it takes me longer to get somewhere.

So Just to sum up, I know that I want to see (A) and (B) coming from (C) but I don’t know how I am going to get from (C) to (A) and then (B), I go with the flow.

I am writing this post in Italy and I will publish it in India.

I know that I want to do New Delhi down to Varanasi with stops in between, but I have no idea of how am I going to do that. I’m giving myself 3 weeks to do 900 KMs and then hit Nepal. Again, I know I would love to do the Annapurna Circuit but now clues of how to do it.

So this is me, now it’s our turn to tell

Backpack or trolley?

Planning or adventure?

Looking forward to read your comments, See you soon !!!

2 thoughts on “Backpack or Trolley? What’s your traveling style?

  1. Hello Fra! How are you? I start with saying that yesterday I met Rita De Meo at LIPC, she says hi to you and give a big big hug, she’s amazing actually.
    Second thing thanks for sharing your lovely blog.
    I always used the trolley but I saw that was really noisy because the trolley wheels rolling on the ground and that sometimes it was really tiring to pull the trolley all the way. Considering this and the nice policies established by Ryanair (paying for carrying your luggage on board, etc.), I started to use the backpack. I would say that it is really comfortable in the end, except when there is a really hot temperature 🙂 . Sweating it is the only inconvenient.
    When you said “I am also one of those who’s not up to see everything that there is to see, I value more human’s interaction therefore sometimes it takes me longer to get somewhere.” I agreed with you because it is the most important thing of a trip, knowing the culture and the people in the places you are visiting and having genuine interest in discovering other people lives. I would add something really mine to this, which I found really sweet, when I am visiting a place, a region I don’t go to see all the things that they have there. I always leave something to see for the next time I will be there, so I now I need to come back to see the rest.
    Last thing, Enjoy India, send pictures and let me know when you will be in Nepal, I have a task for you! 🙂


    1. Thanks Damiano and welcome to the Backpack family, we are very open 😂 !!! Although I agree with the back sweating too much when it’s hot !!!
      Love the bit about leaving something so that you have a reason to visit that place again !!!
      Nepal not 100% sure due to recent floods that have killed people and affected many places including Katmandu!!! Keep you posted


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