New Delhi, Old Tricks: how to be scammed and end up in an India wedding in less then 24 hours

One of the things that India has become famous for, unfortunately, are the local people who end up scamming tourists.

They have become real Pros in what they do.

I came out from the Delhi international airport, the taxi driver asked me for a very fair price to take me to the hotel.

On our way he said that they could not go to the hotel due to the roads being closed by the police for a special event going on in the area.

To make it even more real they stopped the car and asked something to the police, but of course it was in Hindi.

As a good gesture I was dropped at a “Tourist Information” office that confirmed that it was impossible to reach my hotel.   

I had no way to check on the internet or google maps where I was or if it was true.  

They also called the “hotel” and “someone” whom I spoke with over the phone.

After asking what plans I had, they were so kind to offer me a tour that included way more places of what I had in mind.

The first price was an extortion but I managed to get the price down only after realising that the price for the tour itself was already over the budget that I had planned for in India.

Long story short, I have paid more than what I could have paid if I would have done it on my own. However, the same 21 days package in Europe would have costed me 3 times more than what I paid.

After Delhi, I went to Jaipur and I was determined not to talk to anyone. Right after the first visit I realised that it was not possible especially with me being on my own.

I met some really nice people, who were really upset with what had happened to me back in Delhi. Going with the flow, not even 24 hours after, I was at this very extravagant wedding.

At the parade to the ceremony, they had elephants, horses and camels along with musicians. It seemed that it was the custom to throw money to the musicians as a wish for good luck to the groom and the bride.

Bear in mind that at the same time, all over India there are people sleeping on the streets and the luckier ones amongst the poor were in slum areas. So I wonder what would be if instead of wasting all this money some of it was donated to the less fortunate.

Throughout the parade and the ceremony, I was asked many times to take pictures, I was also brought to the groom and the bride to pay homage. I was the attraction basically.

I almost forgot to mention that I also had food for free, and that for the rest of my stay in Jaipur, I was hanging out with these new friends who I will re-join after Varanasi.

Now as promised, I want to know a bit about your thoughts or experiences regarding this topic.

Have you ever been scammed? How did you feel?

What’s the most exuberant ceremony you have been to?

Looking forward to read your comments!!!

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