The relationship with the everyday obejcts, Francesco and Agata talks ||| Sottotitoli Italiano

Another “Francesco Talks”, another artist, another topic.

Why do I not prepare the interview?

Because I enjoy to see what the artist brings in front of the camera.

In this episode:

Agata, originally from Catania (Sicily)

currently based in London (to know more visit INSTAGRAM @ artifarti75 )

She explains how a big part of her studies have been focused on the relationship with the everyday objects.

I find it a very interesting topic because more or less everyone has a relationship with that, whether it’s your morning mug, your pillow, your tooth brush, there are plenty of things that we use on a daily basis that becomes part of our life.

The second part of Agata’s works are more focused on feelings, and kudos for sharing vulnerability and for telling viewers that if you scratch the surface things will come up.

Listen to the advise if you are struggling to express your creativity.



do NOT let anyone or ANYTHING stop you

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