New life: I’m going back to my country

Ink Pens sketch 7.10.19

Hello again, I haven’t been posting or drawing anything since August.

Have I put aside my creativity again?

No thank you, I have been focusing on my YouTube channel, link to previous videos can be found in the VLOG section of the blog.

Alternatively you can find me as

#FrancescoExpresso and below link to my last video

About Music and Friendship

So back in June, I have posted my last post in London.

After that I have been one month in India, and now I am back to my country, Italy.

How does it feel?

I feel like a complete stranger, I had to learn again everything.

How to look for a job, luckily this adventure has given me some ideas and I have realised a series of videos for my channel, coming soon LOOKING FOR A JOB.

My sister, has kindly offered me a place to stay, but I have to find a place for myself so it will be a pleasure to work on LOOKING FOR A HOUSE.

From the moment most likely I am moving to a city where I have never lived before, so there will be a chance of me working on GETTING TO KNOW PEOPLE.

It hasn’t been easy, I knew that, but GOSH many times I’m thinking what the hell have I done.

I have received a contract, and I don’t understand it.

I have been in 4 different places, called 4 different numbers and still I have no clues about what my net salary will be or benefits.

Tomorrow I am meeting the owners of a place that I would love to rent, so even on that front I am still at square 1.

But I keep on reminding myself about few quotes, as it’s easy to forget:

The night brings always the promise of a new day …

Autumn always turns into spring …

What doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger …


Self Expression is freedom: do not let anyone or anything stop you !!!!

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