Rigenerazione Riciclata – Recycled Regenaration ENG SUB

With this video I have had the pleasure and the honour to interview Etta Polico from the Association SERENDIPPO, active in Bologna area.

We have focused on RUSCO one of the main project that focus on regenerating areas that are considered to be doggy, dangerous or just in degradation.

As a #StreetArt lover, I have really enjoyed to do this video and to actually see that I am not the only one that believes that through what is written on our city’s walls, you can understand what’s going on in the society.

Serendippo does Urban Regeneration in such a unique way that could be applied and brought in many other degraded places.

Artists meeting locals that afterwards illustrate the community on the walls.

Serendippo does it also with a recycling approach.

Local paint supplier give away their products that it’s almost expired.

Groceries shops of the area also give away the food that should be thrown away at the end of the day.

So together, taking pride of the neighbour they live in, the image of that place changes completely.

This is the power of #UrbanArt – to transform degraded areas into Open Air Art Gallery.

By taking such approach there would be such a potential to really transform the suburb of our cities.

For now

SELF EXPRESSION IS FREEDOM: do not let anyone or anything stop you

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